Medical Emergency Service Officer

All (MESO Pty Ltd) Medical Emergency Service Officers (MESO) are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience working on remote mine sites.
We screen every employee to ensure that they have appropriate qualifications which are relevant for the required position.

Our MESOs are usually responsible for inspecting and maintaining the onsite emergency response equipment and facilitating skills maintenance training for the volunteer emergency response team (ERT). They are always ready to respond to any emergency.
MESOs are perfect for mine sites as they can assist the medical team if needed in major emergencies. Furthermore, we ensure that every employee does a full pre-employment medical, police clearance, lab drug and alcohol test and that they provide a valid driver’s licence which makes them ready for site mobilisation.

Below are some of the standard qualifications and experience you can expect from a (MESO Pty Ltd) Medical Emergency Service Officer (MESO)